My STIR: A Foster Care Success Story

In response to Deb Stone’s May 12 essay on foster care, former foster child Jaquel Pitts shares his successes.



t the age of five I was placed in foster care. Growing up during my younger years there was a negative stigma that foster care youth would never be successful in life, let along achieve a higher education. That negative stigma persuaded me to prove the critics wrong by graduating form a public high school in 2012.


Jaquel Pitts’ Ward of the Court Verification Letter.

I graduated from College of the Siskiyous in May 2012 with a degree in Social Science. I never listened to or believed in the statistics because I realized it only took one individual to believe that he or she could be successful and that individual was myself.


Jaquel Pitts’ graduates from College of the Siskiyous in 2014.

I never allowed someone else’s life outcome to dictate my future success. I am a first generation high school and college graduate and it is because I want to prove to my family that anything is possible if you believe and stay focused through your path toward success. Throughout my high school days I was very popular because I would speak future accomplishments into existence.

In November 2014 I will declare for the 2015 NFL Draft. In December 2016 I will receive another degree from the University of Bridgeport.


Jaquel Pitts

Jaquell Pitts is a personal trainer, community leader, and motivational speaker. Pitts’ passion for inspiring others led him to become a motivational speaker for youth, corporate employees, and athletes. He has spoken at conferences for potential leaders and youth from low income neighborhoods, most recently for Contra Costa County’s Independent Living Skills Program.

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