1. I have often debated capitalists about the claim that they have lifted more out of abject poverty than any other movement. I ask them do they count the thousands burned or crushed in Bangladesh sweatshops, or the rice farm peasants moved to dorms with 12 hour factory workdays for tea & biscuits (don’t forget the suicide nets)? Worker exploitation is a close cousin to slavery with the gloss of legitimacy. It not only violates their basic rights, it destroys decent societies dragging economies down to the lowest common denominator. I wish trade negotiators understood that.

  2. ” Worker exploitation is a close cousin to slavery with the gloss of legitimacy. ” Love that line, it applies to the modern corporation in this country as well. What the corporation can get away with, it does. I wasted so many years of my life thinking if I worked hard for a major corporation, I would be rewarded. Not so. I have nothing.
    Hoping the eyes are opened to this fact for the generations coming up behind me so they can lead better, happier, more globally productive and kinder lives.

    1. So disturbing are the many facts surrounding Capitalism’s darker underbelly. Even worse are the realities of human ignorance, arrogance and our hegemony. I remember seeing a documentary about four to five years ago titled THE PRICE OF SUGAR. That documentary canvased the enslavers(like Domino) and the enslaved of the sugar industry in Haiti and Santa Domingo and how the sugar industry is all driven by dark forces – to include Congress – and the myopia of the American consumers.

      I graduated High School in 1972 from a little town in upstate NY, Vestal. I often wonder how my education there compared to the rest of America. I found my answer over the years. That answer arrived after understanding what makes me tic, what drives me and my own wish to be consciously aware of things which will improve our world via citizen activism. What was it about my education way back then that found me so different from people who don’t activate? What spurned me to continue applying personal awakening and awareness about the cheating and gaming of our many human institutions and systemic realms?

      It seems a fire was set inside of me by my teachers and parents back then. The world in which I live appears abundant in the horrible activities of fellow humans involved either in the direct animation of these exploits, or via somehow blindly funding them from afar, and who appear to be totally disinterested in how our own daily lives drive a direct connection and participation through interdependence with each and every other human on the planet.

      Earth is a living organism and we are an important conscious or unconscious aspect of Its Caregiving to all our Systems. To the degree that we ignore or become disinterested in what our participation means to this living Organism(and All Life here), makes in direct proportion for our either being part of Earth’s/Humanity’s problem, or part of any solution-making. If it is true that we live in a world of cause and effect, we need to also understand how we, ourselves, are cause and effect. No matter where it came from, or from whom this power was bestowed…., our ability to think, and especially critically think(cause-diagnose-resolve) is vital territory. Many within our human numbers have been laid-to-rest, as problem-solvers, by material pursuits in an illness of materialism – especially, when, at any price.

      In our country, powers-that-be have learned to get us while we’re young…, so that we’ve all been programmed by an education which sets our compass to become automated non-thinkers and tax payers with little or no regard to accountability for the flow of where all that money and power goes and flows. For reasons already mentioned, there becomes little of any want or wish to look deeper for the causes of HOW ALL OF “IT” WORKS. Most of our fellow sleeping people(sheople) will forever remain a bit “dead” as for how they were meant to live in harmony with all Life, as caregivers.

      I grew up in a large family as the eldest male of six siblings. I have an idea about responsibility which came from that family collective. If we didn’t all participate in the chores for the benefit of the collective, it was usually the default of all burdens which fell to my mother. You do the math. The same is true about a country who’s citizen’s activism will either make or break our country’s Way. What I see coming for America’s 300M citizens is a largely propagandized, dumbed and disinterested, apathetic family unit. Can we really afford, one and all, to bequeath an absence of personal and collective responsibilities to “others”?

  3. What missing from this is, 1) what causes the need of slavery? 2) how long are the ties. 3) which Politicians support slavery and who rules over them 4) who are entitled slaves and how high up before you are a controller of slavery and not just a promoter?

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