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I Didn’t Breastfeed And My Kids Are Healthy And Happy

Breastfeeding is just one part of raising healthy, happy, successful kids.

By Julie Schwietert Collazo

The Internet Most People Don’t Know About

The Deep Web comprises the majority of Internet traffic, and its variety of uses may surprise you.

By Annie Gaus


Why I Reject Forgiveness Culture

Why does forgiveness culture insist that trauma survivors cannot heal until they have forgiven their abusers?

By Elizabeth Switaj

Comedy Culture

How Political Comedy Culture Breeds Social Apathy

Political satire provides comic relief, but humor can undermine the fight for social justice.

By Oliver Lee Bateman

Trigger Warnings

Why Trigger Warnings Don’t Work

Trauma survivors’ memories are so specific to individual experiences, increasingly ubiquitous “trigger warnings” are largely ineffective.

By Deb Stone

Cultural Equity

Cultural Equity: An Opera In Three Acts

When arts funding favors elite white institutions and ignores cultural diversity, both artists and communities suffer.

By Arlene Goldbard

The Times I Wasn't Raped

The Times I Wasn’t Raped

Under what circumstances should a person feel surprised they weren’t raped? A reminder that carelessness does not cause rape—rapists do.

By Zoe Zolbrod

Teen Choice

Teen Choice And The Dangers of Parental Involvement Laws

Do parental involvement laws protect pregnant minors or put them at greater risk?

By Melissa Banigan

Soy Allergies

How The Soy Foods Industry Endangers People Who Suffer From Soy Allergies

Soy’s prevalence in processed foods, the soy foods industry, and U.S. food labeling laws.

By Jakki Kerubo

The Unseen Jury: The Ideology And Psychology Of Institutionalized Racism

The Unseen Jury: The Ideology And Psychology Of Institutionalized Racism

A reminder of the dangers of covert racism, and practical measures to combat it.

By Okla Elliott

Genetically Modified Pregnancy

The Genetically Modified Pregnancy: How Many Tests Are Too Many?

Jen Soriano examines the costs, benefits, and ethical issues of prenatal genetic tests.

By Jen Soriano

A Foster Care Success Story

A Foster Care Success Story

In response to Deb Stone’s essay on foster care, Jaquel Pitts shares his successes after 14 years as a foster child.

By Jaquel Pitts

Marriage Equality and Queer Radicalism

How Queer Radicalism And Gay Progressivism Can Meet In The Middle

Challenging the notion that gay marriage is regressive and anti-queer.

By Bird Pilatsky

Missionaries Of Charity

Living And Working With The Missionaries Of Charity

A candid look at Mother Teresa’s order, one of the world’s most controversial organizations.

By Amy Gigi Alexander

Dreams Of Conscience

Why The Left Should Stop Listening To Ralph Nader

How Ralph Nader and the far left might affect the outcome of the 2016 Presidential race.

By Kurt Baumeister

Modern Slavery

We Are All Benefitting From Modern Slavery, And That Should Piss Us Off

Modern slavery won’t end until we leverage our collective powers.

By Cameron Conaway

The Billionaire Diet

The Billionaire Diet©™®$

It’s like the Paleo, Atkins, Military, or South Beach diets, only much, much richer! Lose big and look like a billion bucks!

By Anna Fonté

American Oligarchy

O’ Say! Can You See The Oligarchy?

A former U.S. congressman deconstructs a threat to our democracy, our freedom, and our independence.

By Les AuCoin

The New Atheists

Are The New Atheists Committing The Old Mistakes?

The nature of belief, disbelief, and how to approach the threat of religious extremism.

By Mark Russell

Addiction Treatment

What If Addicts Received Effective Treatment Instead Of Prison Sentences?

Poor treatment programs and the stigma of addiction have caused an epidemic of suffering among young addicts and their families.

By Ann Bancroft

"Before, Back, Never"

As Children, Painful Truths About Our Friends May Be Too Obvious to See

As kids, we too often barely glimpse the home lives of even our closest friends. Only later, as adults, can we begin to understand.

By Susan DeFreitas

Collection Agencies

How Is Your Credit? What You Should Know About Collection Agency Practices

Third-party debt collection agencies harass unwitting consumers into paying debt they believe they’ve already settled.

By Oliver Lee Bateman

F'ear Not the Path of Truth"

On Memorial Day, What We Choose To Remember And What We Forget

When we forget the realities of war, we do a disservice to our veterans and victims whose lives were lost in U.S. military campaigns.

By Ross Caputi and Kali Rubaii

Christian Purity Culture

Evangelical Christian Purity Culture: Setting The Bar Too High For Men?

An examination of the Evangelical Christian purity movement and its impact on mainstream, secular culture.

By Lynn Beisner

U.S. Foster Care

U.S. Foster Care: A Flawed Solution That Leads To More Long-Term Problems?

Abused or neglected children placed in foster care face lifelong challenges greater than children who remain with their families.

By Deb Stone

Failing All Species

Environmental Degradation And Poverty: More Connected Than You Realize?

“Failing All Species” explores the intersection between poverty, the environment, and climate change.

By Mary Fifield

Jesse Krimes

When Prisons Don’t Attempt To Rehabilitate Inmates, We Should All Care

Jesse Krimes talks about how helping prison inmates establish positive identities before they are released is critical to preventing recidivism.

By Traci Foust

Tale Of Two Taxpayers

A Simple Reality In The U.S. Tax Code Of Which Every American Should Be Aware

“Tale of Two Taxpayers” illustrates how the U.S. tax code rewards the super wealthy and punishes the working classes.

By Kurt Baumeister

The New Conversation

The New Conversation: Everyone Is Talking But Is Anyone Listening?

Two of STIR’s creators want to make you feel uncomfortable for a while. If you don’t see yourself in this piece, they did it wrong.

By Jonna Ivin and Laurel Hermanson

"Fear of Men"

How Gender Informs Our Ability To Connect And Understand Each Other

This powerful poem explores the ever-evolving puzzle of gender, feminism, and family.

By Susan DeFreitas

Big Organic

Monoculture In Farming: The First In A Series On The Food Industry

Monopolies, GMOs, monoculture, and the rise of Big Organic are serious threats to our food supply,

By Dena Rash Guzman

Congressional Corruption

Fighting Congressional Corruption By Getting Money Out Of Politics

Represent.Us’ Communications Director talks about political corruption and how voters can fight to take back their government.

By Mansur Gidfar

Shannon Watts

Shannon Watts, Founder Of Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America

How starting a Facebook page made Shannon Watts one of the most vilified women in America.

By Traci Foust

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