Young STIR: Witches, Wizards, And The Wage Gap

In literature, Hollywood, and hometowns, women are still undervalued in comparison to their male peers.
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Women: Claim Your Share of the Sharing Economy

Women and men are socialized to use public spaces differently, and it may take both to help change that.
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The Art Of Conflict

When death threats closed Pittsburgh's Conflict Kitchen, public outcry helped the restaurant reopen and continue its mission.
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Nuns: The Environmental Movement’s Most Powerful Ally?

The Sisters of Loretto fought developers of the Bluegrass Pipeline and succeeded in protecting their Kentucky homeland.
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My STIR: On Forgiveness, Trust, and Desire (Part Two)

In response to Elizabeth Switaj's piece on forgiveness culture, Deborah Marcus continues her story of abuse and survival.
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It May Be Time To Repurpose The Pit Bull

Rather than consigning unwanted pit bulls to life — or death — in shelters, why not put their skills to use?
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My STIR: On Forgiveness, Trust, and Desire (Part One)

In response to Elizabeth Switaj's piece on forgiveness culture, Deborah Marcus shares her story of abuse and survival.
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Young STIR: The Transgender Youth Movement

A transgender teen reaches out to uneducated adults and questioning youth about the painful effects of a disapproving society.
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2014: The Year We Put “Just” In Front Of Malaria

Unchecked privilege, fear, and nationalism perpetuate an illusion of separateness, preventing the eradication of infectious diseases.
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For My Child, Actions Teach Louder Than Words

Schools that focus primarily on language skills can marginalize children who learn more easily by engaging in physical, play-based activities.
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I Didn’t Breastfeed And My Kids Are Healthy And Happy

Women who can't nurse — or choose not to — shouldn't be pressured or judged.
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The Deep Web: The Internet Most People Don’t Know About

The Deep Web is not accessible through search engines. Its variety of uses may surprise you.
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Why I Reject Forgiveness Culture

For trauma survivors, there are many paths to healing and moving forward in life. Why demand that survivors forgive their abusers?
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How Political Comedy Culture Breeds Social Apathy

Contemporary political satirists provide comic relief, but can undermine the fight to address serious issues.
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Why Trigger Warnings Don’t Work

Because trauma survivors' memories are so specific, increasingly ubiquitous "trigger warnings" are largely ineffective.
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