My STIR: On Forgiveness, Trust, and Desire (Part One)

In response to Elizabeth Switaj's piece on forgiveness culture, Deborah Marcus shares her story of abuse and survival.
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Young STIR: The Transgender Youth Movement

A transgender teen reaches out to uneducated adults and questioning youth about the painful effects of a disapproving society.
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2014: The Year We Put “Just” In Front Of Malaria

Unchecked privilege, fear, and nationalism perpetuate an illusion of separateness, preventing the eradication of infectious diseases.
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For My Child, Actions Teach Louder Than Words

Schools that focus primarily on language skills can marginalize children who learn more easily by engaging in physical, play-based activities.
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I Didn’t Breastfeed And My Kids Are Healthy And Happy

Women who can't nurse — or choose not to — shouldn't be pressured or judged.
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The Deep Web: The Internet Most People Don’t Know About

The Deep Web is not accessible through search engines. Its variety of uses may surprise you.
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Why I Reject Forgiveness Culture

For trauma survivors, there are many paths to healing and moving forward in life. Why demand that survivors forgive their abusers?
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How Political Comedy Culture Breeds Social Apathy

Contemporary political satirists provide comic relief, but can undermine the fight to address serious issues.
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Why Trigger Warnings Don’t Work

Because trauma survivors' memories are so specific, increasingly ubiquitous "trigger warnings" are largely ineffective.
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Cultural Equity: An Opera In Three Acts

When arts funding favors elite white institutions and ignores cultural diversity, both artists and communities suffer.
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The Times I Wasn’t Raped

Under what circumstances should a person feel surprised they weren't raped? Carelessness should not make sexual assault an expected outcome.
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Teen Choice And The Dangers of Parental Involvement Laws

Do parental involvement laws protect pregnant minors? Examining the risks of politicizing teen abortion.
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How The Soy Foods Industry Endangers People Who Suffer From Soy Allergies

Avoiding soy is complicated by its prevalence in processed foods, the soy foods industry, and U.S. food labeling laws.
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psychology of covert racism

The Unseen Jury: The Ideology And Psychology Of Institutionalized Racism

The dangers of covert racism, its psychological and philosophical aspects, and measures to help combat it.
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The Genetically Modified Pregnancy: How Many Tests Are Too Many?

The costs, benefits, and ethical issues of increasingly sophisticated prenatal genetic tests.
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